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Kolhapur is an important city in Maharashtra and is known as Dakshin Kashi from ancient time. It is a famous religious place due to Mahalakshmi & Jotiba temples. The city is situated at a height of 1790 feet above mean sea level and 16-42 North latitude and 74-14 East longitude. The city stands on the bank of river Panchaganga, a tributary of the river Krishna.
Kolhapur is a famous center of Art, Education, Industry and Sports, particularly wrestling. Kolhapur city and its surrounding regions prominently come under the sugarcane belt where the sugarcane is main cash crop. Abundant water supply from a lumber of rivers flowing through this area, fertile land and hard working people have changed the face of this area giving it a status of the highest per capita income in India, also, Kolhapur has carved its name, on the world map, in production of quality jaggery, tobacco traditional gold ornament and leather chappals. Moreover, Kolhapur possesses historical as well as mythological importance. The city stands on the bank of river Panchaganga. It is known as "Dakshin Kashi" on account of the deity "Mahalaxmi" or "Ambabai". Kolhapur is archaeologically an important place in India due to the ancient temple of "Goddess Shri Mahalaxmi ". The place of "Jyotiba" is about 15Kms towards north of the city. The famous hill station "Panhala" is about 18 Kms towards North West of the town. Both of these places attract a huge number of tourists as well as pilgrims every year. Kolhapur is situated on the bank of river "Panchaganaga" which is a tributary of River Krishna and is a source of raw water for Kolhapur and of other villages and owns on the downstream of Kolhapur. Kolhapur city is located in the south west part of Maharashtra State. City enjoys moderate temperature changes dropping below 150C in winter and rises above 400C in summer. Wind is commonly from western side. Rainfall in the city is comparatively good. Average rainfall is 1025mm. Kolhapur is one of the economically established cities due to the good quality of soil, ample water supply and good modes of communication and co-operative and banking network.
The Kolhapur city is situated at 16.7000 N latitude and 74.2333 E longitude. Stand on a rising ground about 1790 feet above the sea level. The topography of the city shows many undulations and the ground is generally sloping from south to north towards the Panchaganga River. It has on area of 66.82 Sq.Kms. Decadal population data for Kolhapur from 1951 to 2001 is as below.
Year Population
1951 136835
1961 193186
1971 267513
1981 351392
1991 406370
2001 485183
Projected Population for 2011 - 2031 is as tabulated below :
Estimated Population
Year Total
2011 579281
2021 2691629
2031 825767
Due to establishment of Shivaji University, the sphere of educational activities in the city has expanded enormously. Similarly, establishment of two M.I.D.C. industrial estates i.e. at Shiroli and Gokul Shirgaon has widened the scope of employment facilities which has actually attracted surrounding people to the City. The jaggery of Kolhapur is famous throughout India and regulated market facility for the same has made the city an important marketing city of India in jaggery. So also ample production of sugarcane in the surrounding areas of the city has given impetus to the establishment of sugar factories though out the district. The wrestling arena which is the only one of its type in the country is a proud possession of the city.
Roads in the city are like veins of the human body. the modes of communication have a 'Lion's Share' in the progress of any city/country. Kolhapur has been recognized as an important religious and commercial center of the region. It is at a distance of 395km from Mumbai, the capital of maharashtra and 235km from Pune. The coastal line (western) is only 75km away from Kolhapur & hence is known as 'Door of Konkan'. The national highway no.4 (poona-Bangalore highway) passes through Kolhapur. Kolhapur is a center of central railway, having a railway terminal station named "Chhatrapati Shahu Tarminus". Now a days, the proposal of connection Kolhapur terminal to Konkan railway is under consideration. Kolhapur is also having an airport at 'Ujalaiwadi' located near NH-4. Kolhapur is an important linkage between Konkan and rest of the state. It is connected to Konkan by various Ghats.
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